The Majestic Global Diversified Fund uses a combination of quantitative and systematic trading strategies that have a low correlation with each other. The Fund is non-correlated to traditional asset classes such as equities, real estate and bonds and covers global commodity markets such as grains, metals, energy products, soft commodities, meat complexes, currencies, interest rate instruments and stock indices.  Its primary objective is to offer higher returns than that of international benchmarks and indices while offering a less volatile distribution of returns.

How can we help?

By adding Majestic to your investment portfolio, you improve your chances of:

  • Lowering the volatility and risk of the portfolio;
  • Reducing your maximum potential loss (drawdown) in a bear market environment;
  • Improving your total return and risk profile of the portfolio.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss.

Chart: data starts on 02/2005 up to the most recent quarter. This graph is for information only. The information contained in this graph was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, Majestic Asset Management cannot give any guarantee regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information or analysis contained therein and assumes no liability of any nature whatsoever in respect to any damage arising from the use of this graphic or its contents. Past returns are not indicative of future returns. The performance shown is that of proprietary accounts managed by co-founders of Majestic Asset Management (between 02/2005 and 03/2008 inclusively), of the Palos Majestic Commodity Fund LP (between 09/2008 and 12/2010 inclusively) and of the Majestic Global Diversified Fund (between 01/2011 and the current month).  Returns between 09/2008 and 05/2012 inclusively were extrapolated from the Funds’ Class A NAV, adjusted for Class F fees. Returns subsequent to 05/2012 are those of the Fund’s Class F NAV. Returns are net of management fees (1%) and performance fees (20%).  Stocks: S&P500 Index. Bonds: iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG). Real Estate: VNQ (ETF).

How To Invest?

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