Our resource section features articles and research papers which discuss topics relevant to Majestic Asset Management. This includes managed futures, behavioral finance, and quantitative strategies.

Equity Option Strategies – Cash-Secured Puts

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Behavioural Finance

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10 Compelling Reasons To Consider Adding Managed Futures To Your Portfolio

1. Diversify beyond the traditional asset classes. Managed Futures are an alternative asset class that has achieved strong performance in both up and down markets, exhibiting low correlation to traditional asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, cash and real estate. 2. Reduce overall portfolio volatility. In general, as one asset class goes up, some other asset class goes down. Managed Futures invest across a broad spectrum of asset classes with the goal of achieving solid long-term returns. 3. Increase returns and reduce volatility. Managed Futures, as well as commodities, when used in conjunction with traditional asset classes, may reduce risk,

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